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Other Selected Television Programs and Films:

***I Am a Writer Director, A 60 min. documentary for the series --A WomanKnow, on contemporary Canadian women writers. ACCESS, the Education Station, 1998.

Modern Rustlers Editor, A 60 min. documentary on horse rustling in the 90's in Western Canada. Dinosaur Soup 1998

Place Your Bets Director. A 30 min. documentary on Video Lottery Terminals, Merry Dancer Media/CFRN 1998

**More Room in our Hearts Director. A 30 min. documentary on Open Adoption, Merry Dancer Media/CFRN 1997

Mortgaging Your Future Director. A 30 min. documentary looking at the high cost of post-secondary education and the effects of very high student loans on new graduates. Merry Dancer Media/CFRN 1997

**In the DropZone: Producer A 60 min. documentary about the 1997 Canadian National Skydiving Championships held at Lake Eden, Alberta. NetworkONE Productions 1997

**Where the Future Grows Producer - Director, A 30 min. sponsored documentary -- an insider's view of the forestlands operations of a major forestry company in Alberta. NetworkONE Productions 1997

Acorn: The Nature Nut Director of 8 x 30-min. programs of the 1996 series:
Episode 27: Fish Fanatics & Guppy Guys,
Episode 33: A Potted Potpourri,
Episode 34: Water Strider Insider,
**Episode 35: Keep Them Dung Balls Rollin',
Episode 37: Mountain Menagerie,
Episode 38: About Trout,
Episode 40: Mushroom With a View
**and Episode 41: Hummingbird Haven,
Great North Productions/The Discovery Channel. 1996

Half a World Apart and a Lifetime Away, Living Gandhi &Warriors for Peace
Producer - Editor of a 60 min. and 2, 30 min. documentaries following Grand Chief Ovide Mercredi on his trip to India to confer with Gandhi scholars about peaceful resistance and non-violent protest. The Solstice Entertainment Group 1996.

***Protection Force: The Price of Duty Editor A 60 min. documentary and tribute to Corp. Mark "Izzy" Isfeld, a Canadian Peacekeeper, killed clearing mines in the former Yugoslavia. NFB 1995

Protection Force: In God's Command Editor A 60 min. (and a 30 min. version for Man Alive) documentary on "The Padre"-- army chaplain Capt. Mark Sargent and his complex ministry with the Canadian Peacekeepers, and locals in the former Yugoslavia. NFB 1995.

***Coppermine Director, Writer and Editor. A 60 min. film documentary about the consequences of the coming of the white men to the central Arctic. This is a story told by the witnesses--those who were there at the time and some of those who came to establish the village of Coppermine in 1929. National Film Board 1992.

Donald Brittain: Filmmaker Co-Producer, Associate Director. A feature length biographical documentary about the world famous documentary filmmaker Donald Brittain. Co-production ACCESS Network and National Film Board, 1992.

***Brittain on Brittain Producer, Director, Writer. A documentary series (13 X 90 min.) which features Donald Brittain, the world renowned filmmaker and a selection of some of his best known films. ACCESS Network & National Film Board, 1990.

**Discovery Digest Producer, Director and Writer. (52 X 30 min.) A weekly magazine designed not only to inform and interest the viewer in both scientific and technological breakthroughs, but as well, to glimpse the creative process behind the scenes. The series covers the broad spectrum of creative discovery from agriculture and petrochemicals to lasers and robotics, from the medical research professor at the University, through to the guy who invents a new bottle opener in his garage. The common thread throughout is relevance--what do these discoveries mean to you. ACCESS Network.

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video production and directing video production and directing
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video production and directing
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